Friday, August 04, 2006

friday,lots to do.

got this friday off,no pt,i'm waiting for them to finish my new ankle-knee-foot orthodic,which i.m hoping will help with the tone i'm fighting with."tone" is where my right leg nears straight,it gets totally rigid.sometimes it takes 2 people to bend it back,and since that leg is 1" longer due to the left one being crushed,it's a total bitch to fight against and probally my biggest obsticle to walking. the dirtrag cruiser is done,i'm waiting to get the fork from vulture to send them both to paint.i'm really torn over the another fork from wade for troy's 29er,which i'm drafting out should seem simple after the double tt cruiser,[famous last words....] got the white industries parts for bryce's bike.boy,that stuff is shiny and smooooooth! check them out at the cranks are really great looking,totaly a box from paul at rock lobster,i have an on-going tubing swap with him and it's always cool to see what he's found from his almost 30-year stash to send me. hopefully troy will send me the armbike pics from yesterday so i can post them for all.gotta take a few days off from biking,yesterday i was tapped out! thanks for reading, steve.

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