Friday, August 25, 2006

doing well on crutches!

doing well on crutches,walked 30 ft. at a time a couple rounds today.sure have come a long way from just wiggling one toe in nov. i'm pretty psyched on this, it means soon i will be able to travel much easier! they trimmed my orthodic before therapy and added a springy strap to the back to help the lack of flexion, it seems to help alot. tried to ride up brookbank trail yesterday,almost made it to the top but got shut down by lightning in the last pitch to the top. i was pretty surprised,it took only about an hour! it rained so hard all of downtown was shut down and flooding and we couldn't even make it to therapy. sent troy's 29'er off to paint, it will be "playboy blue" with goldnugget topcoat. i'll post pics when it comes back! steve.


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Steve. So happy to see you up on crutches. Fall riding season is upon us. Hope to see you out there shreddin' the tack'. We love you brother. Matt, Tyffany, Jake

daralyn said...

Steve, you are doing more than "well", you are doing awesome! I'm stoked for you.