Wednesday, August 16, 2006

doing pretty good!

doing pretty well the last few days, pain manageable, not sick, pissing under control, shoulder not popping out. ah,the little pleasures of life! went armbiking yesterday,went up weatherford with aki from osaka,denise and the rained out,been raining every are going off. the new leg brace/orthodic is working out well,much more stable, i don't have to worry about my right leg failing and falling down as much. yesterday i walked all the way from the car to therapy,probally 150 yards,worked me pretty well. shipped the dirtrag cruiser off to paint, finally settled on red with gold nugget topcoat.i'll post pics when i get her built.troy's bike is coming along,i just have to file down the brazes.the seat tube pic is his bike.the raw brazing pic is stu henderson's frame,we finally got it brazed up, he has been working on it for 7 months. got a bunch of new pics below, enjoy! steve.


vulture said...

Nice pics Steve, You have had that jacket forever! Say Hi to Denise and Aki.

Shawn Moore said...

Steve, Golden and I have been following your progress and we are so happy for you and the way things are progressing! We'll keep sending you good thoughts.