Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a day "off"

iv'e got a day "off",which only means that i don't have to go to p.t.,get accupunture,go to some doctor,ect.just work and listen to tunes.gonna finish the dirtrag bike today.i have also reached critical mass on the shop,i cannot find anything at all,it's yardsale'd every where.went on one of the best arm bike rides yet yesterday,rode all the way up climb 3 and down sunset trail,all in about 3 hours.i ripped down sunset much faster then i thought i could! it was really fun.conditions were perfect,absolute velcro trails. then i went to p.t. in the pool,concentrated mostly on balance,trying to stand straight,it's pretty hard with 2 fusions in your spinal column.did pretty good,however.i can stand for like,45 seconds by myself with my arms over my head.sure couldn't do that back in nov. when i could only wiggle one toe.....the therapist is blown away by how active i stay.i guess alot of people just quit...gonna go armbiking with troy marino tomorrow,he's gonna get some good pics of ripping the arm bike so i can post them, talk to ya then, steve.

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