Saturday, August 19, 2006

almost to the next level....

p.t. going well, getting stronger. already time to have the new orthodic enlarged as my leg is growing. my massage gal has not seen me in 3 weeks and sez i'm bulking is to try to make the transition to crutches.that would be cool.that would be the first step to traveling again some day. all this in 10 months.what a crazy horrible bizarre trip.had a kidney ultrasound to see how the pipes are doing, all looks good. armbiked from lockett meadow to the green cabins and down waterline to sunset trailhead on thurs., kicked my ass pretty good,put me in bed by 5pm. went with the japanese visitors,they had a great time and say hi to all the oregonians.{wade,eugene} time to go file some brass, steve.

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corey said...

steve its corey from rehab
email me sometime