Saturday, July 29, 2006

first attempt

steve here. so many folks have been trying to gey ahold of me and see how i am doing after the accident.if you have not heard about this by now,check out and check out "steve back in the shop" for details.been handbiking off-road alot,rode up waterline road yesterday to the tunnel and back down,it was pretty sweet.there were penstemmons,4 o'clocks and wild geraniums blooming,the dirt was tacky,it was cool and the one-off does great high-speed 3-wheel drifts through the turns. building frames as fast as i can,working on the double tt 29er cruiser right will be really sweet.i'll have some photos soon, i have to figure it out 1st.i'm healing well,thanks for all the support,i'll add to this soon, steve.

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