Sunday, February 07, 2016

What's up 1/7/16, plus build queue and news

 I'm building along as fast as my body will let me, I've had some wicked arthritis lately - here, working on a 650B x 3.0"

 Man, it came along just smooth

 Excellent clearances + sliders for different hub & QR interchangeability, as well as adding larger tires at a later date(s) also used the Paragon Machine Works thru-bolt = Very clean.

 Lay then down, polish them up.

 Some good & wide fun stays

 And a copper 29er came back from paint

 Waiting for pickup from Bend, OR

 650B+ all finished up.


I have JP's bike here for pickup, JJ's at paint, NT's off to paint tomorrow, I'll be gone all week tending the farm, then we are off to Mexico until March 4th, and none too soon, as my back is shot, I have arthritis from the cold, and my thumbs are pretty damn loose, and hurt - vacation time - then, here all summer & fall until October, just building bikes and working around what looks to be a big fruit season, which will eat up hundreds of hours from June to end of August- fruit waits for no one.

So returning on March 4th to a clean slat and it's:

Andrew K - ON DECK - let me know about wheels

Don B, Perry D, Eric P, Chris R, John U, Stu L, Jason R, David T, BT, Matt F, Tom F.

On Hold:
Bill S, Steve H, Kip M, Dana E, Paul E (Are you coming from Oz?) Pav x 2, Craig M.

Everyone On Hold let me know your status, as I'm building out the list and doing some PT, and maybe having a shoulder surgery and I don't want work taking me away from healing, I did that once 10 years ago.
If you get built out you will get your deposit returned in full, *and* first dibs when my queue re-opens in a few months after I determine if I need to go under the knife.
 Thanks for understanding!

 - Steve.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

650B done, working on a 650B+, another one next

 Back to the 27.5 at hand, here a tire fitup

 Also broke my 10-yeatr old One-Off - welp..........just fix it up!

 Above, nice transition, below, tire fitup

 A proper bike for the Sonoran Desert

 Building lots of wheels!

 Scenes of winter

 Frame finished - this is how it is everywhere outside!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/26/15 = bikes in progress, end of the year build queue - check it out!

 A 29er for Bend, OR = done!

 It's nice to be back into MTB's

 It's been stupid cold here, so getting some work done.

 And then on into a 650B / 27.5"

 Tubing rounded up.

 Fits checked for proper H2O placement

 Cleaned & tacked

 Then all brazed up.

 Now being polished out!

So, here is the remaining build queue until I take a sabbatical for a few months to catch up on so many things that have been piling up for the last 10 years, including working on my old trashed body!  

 I will not take deposits in January like I have the last three years, and if you are in the "Hold" list when I build out the last of the queue, then you will receive your deposit back at this time as to have a clean slate, *but*, when I start up again, if you choose, you can have 1st dibs on a build - I just can't hold onto deposits through this period.

When I start back up, there will be new models, prices, practices and offerings as the bike world is changing fast.......and I will be perusing the new offerings and "Standards" to ascertain what I will be offering.

So, here is the build queue:
JP: Off to paint post holiday.
JJ: On Deck.
N. Tritle: Next.

Then: Dana E, A. Kohl, Don B, Perry D, Eric P, Chris R, John U, Stu L, Jason R, David T, BT, Matt F, Tom F.
 Getting short!

HOLD: B. Siebersma, Steve H, Kip M, Paul E, Steve H, Pav x 2, Craig M.

There you all go, happy Soulstice!
 - Steve.