Saturday, April 30, 2016

Random fabrication & bike photos / photo dump 4/30/16

 A damn nice run of brass


 Polishing, so much polishing

 Gus-gus says "HI"

 A few of the AZ Copper 29er that went to Bend, OR

 And then into a 650B+

 14 speed internal hub

 Custom braze-ons

 Rocked through that & then into a 'regular" 26"

Just have to polish it out and then onto another 29er

Thanks for reading - Steve.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

White 27.5"+ done, build queue 3/30/16

 Ready for pickup!

 Looking good - fits 3.0" tires on 50mm wide rims

 This pearl is amazing - really slick.

 Sliders & 12mm thru-bolt

 In the sun this will be a very rich, deep color - it the shade (snowflakes now falling) it's creamy

 Quite a looker!

And, here is the current build list, some moved up, some moved back (upon request) but I'm going to do my hardest to have most of the queue that's in direct communication and ready to go my October - if your bike spills over that, I want to have then done by the end of the year, unforeseen calamities / acts of God notwithstanding .

P. Davidson: At paint.
A. Kohl: Being fabricated.
D. Barton: Next
Then: John U,  E. Pollard, S. Levy, J. Rojas, S. Pav, D. Tollefson, BT,  T. Fahey, Dana E.

P. Eckert - are you coming from Oz?

On Hold - let me know your status: B. Siebersma, Stabo, K. Moyer,  S. Hitchcock, C. Maldonado